Fashion Photography Project – Denim on Denim

I’m back and bringing another fashion photography project. This time the title is “Denim on Denim”. Actually I took all of this picture below is on early 2014. It was for my final exam of Fashion Photography subjects. Continue reading


Oh! My Poor School :(

This is the sad story of my life as a student 😦

I study at Vacational senior High School, fashion design program. I choosed this program because i soooo in love with fashion and i wanna learn about fashion. i was imaginating that my life will be like in heaven because i will learn about everything i loved. but the reality is ssssssssooooooooo FAR…..!!!!!! Continue reading

This is me, Hanna

Hi, Halo, Annyeong…….

This is me Sarah Hanna Moran aka Hanna, the one and only owner of this blog. Why this blog named “Freak Manneqiun” ? because i feel that i have freak personality hahaha. and why Mannequin? because i wanna be the mannequin for a lot fashion world brand. i just too in love with fashion.

Anywaaaaayyyyy i have my another world. YAP!!! Fan Girling world…….. #jumping-jumping

I’m BOICE (CNBLUE fans), ELF (Super Junior fans) and Twiligter (Twilight saga lover)

so in this blog i will share articles about, fashion, korean Pop, Fan Fiction, pictures, videos and a lot of random things like my diary.

i will post in english and Bahasa Indonesia. soooooooo welcome to my freaky blog :)………. fell free to read and comment 🙂