Fashion Photography Project – Denim on Denim

I’m back and bringing another fashion photography project. This time the title is “Denim on Denim”. Actually I took all of this picture below is on early 2014. It was for my final exam of Fashion Photography subjects.
This project had some rules that I must follow, all the outfits related to denim or jeans *of course!* and we (students) can try another photography style that we never tried before and me choose to play safe ahahaha.
So, thank you for Silky to be able to pose as my model for a few times  and I know that this theme is suite you well. I captured the daily life of a girl with a full denim outfit, I won’t make everything blue so I put a red and dark grey beanie and white shirt and of course the everlasting converse! And put the basic denim and the short one. It’s so basic and casual but so lovely, Isn’t it?
Okay! So here’s some of my picture about “Denim in Denim” photography project 








I did some editing on picts but i just play

with brightness.

Picture taken with Canon EOS camera

Photographer, stylish, make up : Hanna Moran
Model: Silkyane Seizaria

Location : Silkyane’s home

Outfits : Some Giordano, some uniqlo, some unbranded stuff, shoes are gaudi and converse.


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