Fashion Photography Project – Bang the Beat


  This is my second fashion photography project for my collage. The theme is motion but we (student) can pick our own sub-theme and I choose “Bang the Beat”. At first I get the inspiration from music, and head bang that some people do when listen to music (admit it you ever do that too sometimes) XD I like to listening to lots genre of music and one of them is rock. I came to some rock music concert before and i see that people like to move their body and head while listening to music to make them feel comfortable and enjoying the music and there’s no rock music without head bang, right?? So I tried to representative the music with head bang related to motion theme that i have to shoot. I tried to capture the emotion that people have when they listen to music they like or the music with lyric which related to their situation and life (i have some (: )

  And because of that I dress up two of my models (Thanks my bestiest who want to be my model for free) with grunge style. They wear plaid shirt with band printed T-shirt inside, denim jacket, ankle boots and round shades. I use some properties related to band and music such as electric guitar and amplifier.We listen to rock songs such as Linkin Park, Asking Alexandria to make the mood of rock come in and the result of picture we shoot looks more natural.

 So here’s the result and this is my big 5 best picture:





Photographer : Moran.

Models: Diamond and Silky

Location: Silky’s mini music studio

All accessories by model and photographer.


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