For My Bestiest

Janganlah berganti
Janganlah berganti
Tetaplah seperti ini

I listen to this song for the first time from the local radio.

This is the Ost of laskar pelangi the movie (one of the best Indonesia educational movie)

The singer is Ipang, one of the Indonesian singer with unique voice (I really love his voice hehe)

I never really care with the words from the lyric before, I just enjoyed the melody. I usually listen to this song while online on my PC with the hot tea beside me, in the afternoon, and when It’s raining it will be a perfect harmony. Really!!!

Till this afternoon, I try to download this song and listen to it over and over again.

And you know what? I read the lyric and every single words  just reminds me to 3 years in my Vocational High School. With my bestiests J

But know we finally graduated, It’s hurt but as we know we should to face a new world for our new life, Isn’t it?

For our bestiests, Silky, Diamonda, Mutiara, Yuli, Nida, Siska, Dewi …

We  spent our live for this 3 years together, all of our happiness, sorrow, laugh, tears and we shared love too as a really good best friends.

No one can but our experiences, even we can have all of that time again but we still friends, right?

Are you remember when we are in the school, but the rain is really heavy so we can’t back home?

So we are just sitting in front of the class at ground floor. We played, we talked, we sang, even we lil bit had some war?? Hehehehe.

You now? That was my perfect afternoon.

This all just remind me, first time we meet we are nothing! We are even won’t say “Hi” to each other . but see now!! We are good friends.

We should face our own real world. We will face a struggles, we will face our own cry and smile. But if you fall, just call me. I will be there J

Okay… I love you guys. One thing I want from you are, like a lil bit part of this song

Simple request from me, Just “Janganlah berganti”

Just that simple. Just don’t change, bestiest. Just don’t change, just like now J


and here’s the lyric


Baru saja berakhir
Hujan di sore ini
Menyisakan keajaiban
Kilauan indahnya pelangi

Tak pernah terlewatkan
Dan tetap mengaguminya
Kesempatan seperti ini
Tak akan bisa di beli

Bersamamu ku habiskan waktu
Senang bisa mengenal dirimu
Rasanya semua begitu sempurna
Sayang untuk mengakhirinya

Melawan keterbatasan
Walau sedikit kemungkinan
Tak akan menyerah untuk hadapi
Hingga sedih tak mau datang lagi

Back to Reff:

Janganlah berganti
Janganlah berganti
Janganlah berganti
Tetaplah seperti ini

Janganlah berganti
Janganlah berganti
Tetaplah seperti ini


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