Oh! My Poor School :(

This is the sad story of my life as a student đŸ˜¦

I study at Vacational senior High School, fashion design program. I choosed this program because i soooo in love with fashion and i wanna learn about fashion. i was imaginating that my life will be like in heaven because i will learn about everything i loved. but the reality is ssssssssooooooooo FAR…..!!!!!!


they don’t know what is fashion, they don’t teach as how to be fashion, but teach us how to be tailor. Desaigner and Tailor is totally different. I hate the way they teach me.

they make a border in fashion, they make a rules in fashion. I wanna scream on their ears that FASHION HAVE NO BORDER AND RULES, DUDE………!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh God, thanks that you give me this briliant brain *hehehehhehehe* even i can get what i want at that school but i can get that on Google *Thanks God there is Google* because of google i can find my new world, the real fashion world.

PS: For my lovely teachers, you always bring your laptop to class but i think you don’t know how to use it hahahahahaha. as your student i wanna say In Fashion knowledge I’m better than you, tailor.


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